Friday, March 19, 2010

San Isidro | Perez Zeledon | Costa Rica

Perez Zeledon, and the city known as San Isidro, an inland territory located to the southeast of the Capital City has been blessed in diferent areas such as its people, nice and friendly all the time, but also in topography and climate, and the history of a continuous development of the city makes the area of one of the best choices when relocating to Costa Rica from abroad or moving inside the country.

View of the City of San Isidro de El General.

Location of San Isidro inside the Costa Rica map.

Location and Accessibility: The city of San Isidro de El General belongs to the district of the same name, in the Perez Zeledon County, province of San Jose. It is located 135 Km (85 miles) southeast of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, over the Route #2 of the South Interamerican Highway; 160 Km (100 miles) from the Juan Santamaria International Airport over the same way. From Liberia, province of Guanacaste, we are 340 km (212 miles) South over the Interamerican and Coastal Highway - which is a small section of the Panamerican Highway -. The city of San Isidro has a landing strip for small planes and helicopters just 5 km from downtown.

History: When the Spaniards arrived, the region was inhabited by the Boruca, Terraba, Cotos, Caecares, Bribris and Gymeies Indian Tribes - inhabited since 1500 years B.C., by the XVIII and XIX centuries, a migratory current from Panama and the Central Valley in Costa Rica had many people establish in the area actually know as San Isidro de El General and Perez Zeledon, then to Buenos Aires and the rest of the Southern Pacific of Cost a Rica...

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San Isidro | Perez Zeledon | Southern Pacific | Costa Rica

Ranches/Farms for Sale: Pasture and forest with a river in the middle - Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica - 3252

This ia a very typical property of this area, with flat and steep sections. The pasture has 4 grazing subdivisions, with improved pastures of "Brisanta" and "Toledo" grass species.

Ranches/Farms for Sale: Own water, waterfall, coffee plantation and many fruits - Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica - 3237

This property is located up in base of the Chirripo Mountains, about 10 km from the city of San Isidro, in the place know as "El Carmen", in the Rivas community.

The property is a bit steep. Gravel road front but just a mile (1.6 km) away from the asphalt. The higher part of the property has a view to the higher Chirripo Mountains and the valley sections of Palmares, General Viejo and surroundings. There is a building pad ready to build.

The land has 25 000 sqm (6 acres) with a coffee plantation and fruit trees of rambutan, oranges, mandarine, tangerine and tropical hard woods of cedar, amarillon and mayo.

Ranches/Farms for Sale: Pasture and forest property - Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica - 3236

Property located about 1 hour from the center of town in San Isidro, towards the northwest. First you get to the San Ramon Sur community and they take a gravel road for about 7 kilometers (4.5 miles).

The land is mostly pasture and forest sections, with a water stream running for more than 400 meters (1/4 mile) along the west boundary, plus a water spring in the center of the property (see map). Gravel road frontage for half mile (800 metros).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Realtors / Brokers in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica

Our Mission:

To satisfy the need of selling, buying or renting real estate property in a professional, honest, environmentally and morally responsible way; using a robust and eficient technological platform to make the marketing, search of listings and customer relationship management an accurate and timely task, always with the only goal of delivering a high quality customer oriented service.

Services we offer:

  • Marketing of Real Estate property for sale or rent.
  • Advice for the selling of Real Estate in Costa Rica.
  • Advice for the purchase of Real Estate Property in Costa Rica.
  • Writing of Real Estate Lease Agreements.
  • Writting of Options to Buy, Purchase Option Agreements, SPA.
  • Real Estate Management.
  • Trámites en la Municipalidad de Pérez Zeledón (Usos de Suelo, Visado de Planos, Pago de Impuestos Municipales, Certificaciones de Pago al Día).

Our History:

Our company was founded in 1985 with the same mission and vision that rule our policies. There was Luis A. Quesada, still active, and Mr. Fernando Calderon who started the busines as a humble but oriented enterprise. During the life of our organization, several important partners have plant seeds that finally made us who we are now, Francisco Alvarado and Fernando Sánchez were part of our organization. Mr. Quesada was the visionary who wanted to continue with the business and he is still running the company.

Information Technology:

Our organization has developed an in-house web based software to manage the information where it's needed. The office interface has a nice minimalist design that delivers information fast and reliable. The public section is an easy to read and comprhensive interface that delivers well structured and organized information in both, English and Spanish. We have invested over 5 years in the development of this interfaces. The database is backed-up daily for high security of the information.


City Hall / Munipality Survey Plan Stamps: Required to subdivide a lot or to register a new property: $30 USD.
Ground Use Certification. Make sure the property you want to purchase can be use to develop your project: $20 USD.

Reantal / Lease Contracts: $40 USD +
Reantal / Lease Contracts - Authenticated by a Public Notary: $60 USD +
Property Inspection. Photos and Video of your property: $10 USD and up depending on location.

Realtors / Brokers in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Houses/Homes for Sale: Large house with swimming pool and nice yards - Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica - 3312

The house is located in the community of Los Chiles, a small neighborhood just 10 minutes outside of San Isidro.

The land lays very nice, with lots of plants and fruit trees around the house, pool and storage. There is nice circular bench around an water apple tree right in front of the house in the east yard.

The house is 289 sqm (2900 sq ft) with lobby, a nice dining area, 2 living rooms, a total of 4 bedrooms, TV room, shared bathroom and private for the master bedroom, spacious kitchen area with isle and access to a set of bathrooms for the swimming pool. All with high ceilings in Cristobal wood (very rare and expensive tropical hard wood).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bar Restaurant Lounge for Sale in San Isidro Perez Zeledon Costa Rica

This business is located in the city of San Isidro, in Perez Zeledon, just 3 block from central park in town. The building was recently built and the Bar and Restaurant has taken the whole second level.

La Tulipana (The Tulip)...

After you go up the stairs - elevator available - you will find the reception with cashiers area and a sofa to sit for a smoke - smoking is not allowed in the rooms -. The ladies room is in this area. From here the customer chooses the area to visit...

The Bar & Lounge:

The place is large enough to serve 45 people comfortably sitting. The bar is in the middle of the room with a nice large mirror and liquor bottles set up. This room is decorated with hanging curtains and crystal that catches the eye. A variety of high tables, sofas with lower tables and bar seats are available for the customer. This room has a private men's restroom.

The Restaurant:

Right now it offers a nice variety and balanced menu with fuzion dishes. The room can hold 45 people with tables for 2, 4 and 5 persons. Nicely decorated and distributed. The lightening of the place is soft and invites to romance and formality.

List of areas:

- Reception with cashiers and smoking area.
- Lady's and Men's restrooms.
- Fully furnished Lounge (with Air Conditioning).
- Fully furnished Restaurant (with Air Conditioning).
- Fully furnished and equipped kitchen.
- Storage area.

Also has:

- Dishes and plates for serving.
- Wine glasses, water and more.
- Dining ware.
- Kitchen utensils.

The place has already a large variety of customers that mix to enjoy the music events taking place here in a regular basis.

Bar Restaurant Lounge sale costa rica