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Costa Rica Southern Pacific Zone

Location and Accessibility: The city of San Isidro de El General belongs to the district of the same name, in the Perez Zeledon County, province of San Jose. The city is the first and main city for the Southern Pacific Zone. It is located 135 Km (85 miles) southeast of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, over the Route #2 of the South Interamerican Highway; 160 Km (100 miles) from the Juan Santamaria International Airport over the same way. From Liberia, province of Guanacaste, we are 340 km (212 miles) South over the Interamerican and Coastal Highway - which is a small section of the Panamerican Highway -. The city of San Isidro has a landing strip for small planes and helicopters just 5 km from downtown.

History: When the Spaniards arrived, the region was inhabited by the Boruca, Terraba, Cotos, Caecares, Bribris and Gymeies Indian Tribes - inhabited since 1500 years B.C., by the XVIII and XIX centuries, a migratory current from Panama and the Central Valley in Costa Rica had many people establish in the area actually know as San Isidro de El General and Perez Zeledon, then to Buenos Aires and the rest of the Southern Pacific of Cost a Rica. The county of Perez Zeledon was founded in 1931 with the name of "Ureña", changing eventually to his actual name. The Political-Territorial division was accomplished in 1973 after several peaceful negotiations took place to distribute the area of several counties as known today.

Topography: The South Pacific Region of Costa Rica is limited to the North - East by the Talamanca Mountains or "Cordillera de Talamanca", known also as the Chirripo Mountains because of his highest peak, the "Cerro Chirripó", with 3820 meters over sea level; to the West by the "Fila Costera", a small formation going along the Pacific Coast like a branch of the larger cordillera; also, a big amount of valleys are found inland. This is why you may find very steep land next to some valleys and flat areas that go for miles, repeteadly in the whole region. Many rivers have also formed beautiful canyons, waterfalls and mouths, but with water also came the blessed of animals, with many of the world's biodiversity in a very tiny section of the planet.

Climate: The area's climate is similar to the whole country: 2 marked seasons, rainy and summer. From the middle December to the middle April features high dry temperatures, from 30 to 38 Celcious in the coastal areas, warm in the middle lands and fresh up in the high mountains. The winter, from middle April to middle December characterizes for many sun shiney mornings with gray skyies with rain during the afternoon. Some storms might bring 2 to 3 days of rain once in a while, so will be the summer days we will enjoy.

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