Thursday, January 2, 2014

1 bedroom Villa in a Costa Rica Sustainable Community, priced at $144,000 and you only pay $94,000!!!... Lear more here...

We have had a tremendous success with Our "Special Offer" it has worked so well in the last month we have sold 4 of these and we have decided to extend it.

Here's our offer:  We are selling 6, 1-bedroom villas for $144,000 each.  We will take $94,000 down and the rest ($50,000) will be guaranteed through rental income over a 5-year period.  In other words, we plan to achieve over $50,000 in rental profits. Even if we bring in less than that, thevilla will be free and clear at the end of the 5-year period. And if we achieve our goal before the 5-year term, then the villa will be paid off early.

We feel very confident about our rental income over the next few years because of the daily efforts that all of us are investing. Our entire team is working hard to promote Osa Mountain Village!  With more adventures and tours to take, more things to do in and around Osa Mountain Village and with the new restaurant in full gear serving amazing food, this winning combination is already attracting more vacationers.  The Southern Zone of Costa Rica has finally achieved the respect it deserves and Osa Mountain Village is indeed front and center. . . we’re in the middle of all the action!

We all invite you to contact me immediately to get this started!

At your service,

Diego Quesada
Chirripo Real Estate

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